Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time/Stoned & Starving – So New York It Hurts, Yet Funny Too

Despite being from Texas, Parquet Courts sound so New York they positively seep pastrami and rye, yellow taxis, hot dawgs, knicks and “how you doings” from the very essence of their songs.

“Light Up Gold” was released in August, but i stumbled (upon?) across it this week, and in particular “Borrowed Time” with its familiar new wave guitar line, and snap snare that could have sat comfortably on a Buzzcocks or the first Cars album, and yes I’m aware that neither of those bands are from New York!!

It’s a basic formula, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals, but Parquet Courts pique interest with offbeat lyrics, and a palpable energy that drives their 15 song, half hour long album.

“Stoned & Starving” is made for a video detailing a futile quest to find an open deli at 4 in the morning, driven by a relentless kick/snare/hi-hat perfectly mimicking the desperation of the protagonist

Parquet Courts are offering nothing original, indeed it’s precisely calculated, but New York punk/new wave is such a winner, why meddle?

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