The Bronx – Ribcage – Awesome Return To Their Roots After Mariachi Joy

The Bronx are one of those brilliant bands that, despite their chosen medium being breakneck, high energy, american hardcore punk, can cross over and appeal to fans of all genres. It’s down to one simple reason, great songs. No matter how intense the delivery, how much of a barrage of guitars, drums and vocals there are, there is always melody, and ALWAYS a great vocal hook that means you can’t help but nod and sing along to. it’s a great asset, one that guarantees the ultimate feelgood ego trip of a gig or festival crowd bellowing back at you.

Ribcage is their first single in 5 years, largely due to the runaway success of their Mariachi El Bronx side project that has arguably overtaken the day job in terms of success and popularity. Mariachi El Bronx is a fabulous experience both on record and live, and long may it continue, but it would be a catastrophe if it meant that The Bronx disappeared altogether.

The band I fell in love with back in 2003 have just got better and better, and “Ribcage” continues the trend of incendiary first singles off new albums. “Knifeman” from “The Bronx III” was a tremendous single, possibly their best ever, but “Ribcage” pushes it hard. It’s honed at 2.59, it’s tight, Matt Caughthran has never sounded better, the guitars sound huge and Jorma Vik’s drums both swing and slay!! Welcome back guys!!


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